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The XJ220 legend lives on


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Boxersled! WRX STI vs a bobsled run


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World's first transmission-equipped wheel hub motor


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Which of the big Italian supercar makers do you rate most highly in terms of dynamics?


Recent Polls

  • Have the latest runflat tires caught up with conventional tires in terms of ride comfort?
  • Will carbon fiber wheels become a mainstream option in the next five years?
  • Do today's young car buyers prioritize ride comfort over handling?
  • Is 3D printing a suitable method for manufacturing suspension components?
  • Which manufacturer do you admire most in terms of vehicle dynamics work?
  • Do you think too many manufacturers use stability control systems in vehicles to disguise poor handling?
  • Looking at Kumho's innovative Smasher tire design concept, could suction plates be suitable for performance car tires?
  • Do you think Audi's eROT electromechanical rotary damper system [Click here for full story] indicates the future of vehicle suspensions?
  • If you could select only one, would you rather fully develop a vehicle dynamic setup:
  • Driver-selectable dynamics features such as the Drift mode on the Focus RS are undoubtedly fun, but do they risk giving drivers confidence beyond their abilities?
    This '
    watch this' moment is an example of enthusiasm surpassing talent.
  • It has been said that the vehicle dynamics sector is male dominated. Do you think that...
  • Could 3D printing result in a complete rethink of the form of dynamics components?
  • Will the job market for vehicle dynamicists become smaller in the future as fully autonomous vehicles enter the market?
  • Which of these premium German OEMs do you rate most highly in terms of their vehicle dynamics development work? 
  • How do you regard the work of the vehicle dynamicist?
  • In the face of increasing pressure from OEMs to shorten vehicle development programs, are the dynamics aspects suffering? 
  • Vehicle dynamic setups are becoming increasingly complex, with more technologies and systems being added to successive models. What do you think of this situation? 
  • Following Malaysia's announcement that it is to make ESC mandatory, which of these technologies do you think has contributed most to driving safety?
  • How do you predict the introduction of such technology across the automotive industry over the next five years? 
  • There will clearly be a drop in demand for 'sporty' features in the autonomous vehicle sector. As a dynamicist, which of these options would you miss the least? 
  • Which premium British sporting marque do you rate most highly in terms of vehicle dynamics?
  • As the automotive world moves towards autonomous vehicles, is the value of motorsport as a trickle-down dynamics engineering tool becoming less relevant?
  • With many OEMs conducting real-world driverless car trials on public roads, do you feel that such tests pose a safety risk to the general public and the dynamics and durability engineers sat inside these prototypes?
  • Modern sports-focused cars are incredibly capable in terms of dynamics - perhaps too capable for real-world fun. For a spirited drive along country roads, which type of car would you rather be behind the wheel of?
  • Could an airless tire concept like Michelin's Tweel gain passenger car fitment approval within the next decade?
  • Following Lamborghini's new Nordschleife record (see our videos page here), what do you think of headline Nurburging times?
  • With the latest simulation software, how close to the final dynamic setup can you get before physical testing begins?
  • Which of these major dynamics events are you attending this year?
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